LETTER: Compassion and caring evident at the Boundary Hospital

By Contributor
May 13th, 2011

Dear Editor;

My husband and I have been part time residents of Grand Forks now for almost five years. We have always enjoyed the warmth, not only of the sunshine, but of the friendly and thoughtful community of people that we have come to know. Our neighbours are always looking out for us, and bring over homemade borscht and other farm grown treats, as well as their care and concern for us and our property 🙂

Our little church family has always greeted us warmly and made us feel welcome in their midst. And, just recently, we have had the experience of the care of the Grand Forks doctors, nurses and support staff at the Boundary Hospital.

This note comes as a public thank you to the Grand Forks Boundary Hospital, where we received top notch care, in emergency, on the ward, and finally as we were flown out by a paramedic team to the hospital in Abbotsford (our other home).

We are thankful for every step along the way, the expert care and kindness that was given to us, especially to my husband. In the Grand Forks Hospital, there is a handwritten chalkboard display that reads, “Compassion…a deep awareness of suffering, coupled with the wish to relieve it.” We can certainly attest to that sentiment being lived out at the small but great hospital in your (our) community of Grand Forks.


Patrick and Ida Greenwood
Abbotsford, and Grand Forks, B.C. 

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