LETTER: Time to make a different choice

By Contributor
April 29th, 2011

Dear Editor;

Conservative minority vs. majority? Is it time to make a totally different choice?

The two federal parties Canadians historically elect, are more interested in corporations rather than citizens. Services for citizens are continually cut and benefits to corporations and the wealthy are increased. Think about it. If governments actually affect the economy at all, then governments need to take responsibility for the down turns.

When banks have a drop in their profits, they increase revenues; they do not cut expenses because they have already cut them to the bone. When oil companies have drops in their profits they increase revenues by raising gas and oil prices.

When the Liberals or Conservatives say they want to balance the budget, they cut revenues (tax reductions for corporations and the wealthy) and perpetuate the lie that lowering taxes makes jobs for the rest of us.

Over the last few years, billions of dollars in corporate tax cuts have been gifted to the corporate elite and extremely wealthy. Show me the jobs those cuts have created! Those jobs have not materialized.

So let’s dispel the myth that tax cuts = jobs. It is a big lie! This type of job creation has never happened in any country. To add insult to injury, services must always be cut dramatically to enable these orchestrated cuts. This is the same procedure used to justify the sell-off of profitable crown corporations.

Now is the time that we make a different choice, like voting for a government that puts citizens first ahead of business. A minority New Democratic Party government would do what minority governments are supposed to do, and have done all over the world, work with all parties to improve Canada for all Canadians not just the rich and powerful.

Ottawa is and has been broken. Together we can help Jack Layton fix it.

John C. Maximenko
Christina Lake

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