LETTER: IHA responds to criticism on seniors care beds

By Contributor
April 28th, 2011

Dear Editor;

I wanted to correct some possible misconceptions in the community about interim beds for Grand Forks while 40 new permanent beds are being built for area seniors.

To address the immediate need for additional residential beds, Interior Health will be converting existing rooms at Boundary Hospital to accommodate nine temporary residential spaces. We will be refitting these rooms to make them comfortable and appropriate for residential care beds, and we will have all safety and security systems in place. We anticipate being able to open these beds within the next 60 days if not sooner. To be clear, we are not using hallways as has been reported.

Creating these temporary beds at Boundary Hospital made sense given we already have 80 permanent residential beds at Hardy View Lodge at the same facility. These new rooms will be in a unit attached to the residential site and allows Interior Health to provide residents access to the same care, supports and services already in place.

Priority for these beds will be given to clients who have the greatest need for complex care and also for those clients originally from Grand Forks who are currently in residential beds in other communities.


Cindy Kozak-Campbell
Residential Services Health Service Administrator, Interior Health East

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