Vote Canadian BS Party - we'll only make it worse!

Mona Mattei
By Mona Mattei
April 7th, 2011

I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring for the race as the B.C. Southern Interior Member of Parliament. After reviewing the slate of candidates I knew that I had to run. So I want all of you to vote for the newest party that will likely not be allowed in the leadership debate on major networks – the Canadian BS Party.  Now all of you need to relax because those little letters are not what come immediately to mind – it’s the Canadian Boundary Sentinel Party – guaranteed to make things worse.  A vote for me will ensure that there will be low income taxes but that large corporations pay more than their share, there will be secure medical services even in small, rural communities, and of course, the GST (or HST for us) will be stopped.  Over the past decade the federal debt slowly declined to $458-billion in 2008 from over $563 billion. Now this has all changed. Our federal debt is projected to grow by $40.5-billion in 2010-11 after annual increases since 2009. So what’s the point in trying to build a budget or find a balance?   How can I do all this and not destroy the economy? Well, my platform is designed for me to win, not to actually ensure the country does well. After all, I guarantee to make it worse.  All the candidates are running campaigns about family. What family? There are more common-law partners than married, more single-parent families than ever, and by age 50 you’re likely to be divorced even if you never married.  So join me in ignoring the family appeal because you’re probably a same-sex couple anyway.  Voting in an election means breaking out of apathy and taking a stand for your beliefs – something that over 50 percent of Canadians can’t be bothered doing, so I’m going for the apathetic vote. After all if you vote it just encourages them!  I really can’t see what all the fuss is about. I will not be travelling around the region kissing babies and making promises. What’s the point? Babies just get sick from the germs, or I will.  And you won’t see me at any all candidates meetings – they probably wouldn’t let me in anyway. I won’t try to buy your vote, or appeal to your sense of social integrity, and I won’t promise jobs for you and your kids or that you’ll be able to eat within 100-miles. 

So keep an eye on this page for more of my campaign updates and remember: vote for the Canadian BS party – we’ll just make it worse. 

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