Dam idea spreading

Mona Mattei
By Mona Mattei
March 31st, 2011

Following the intense debate on rising electrical costs, the City of Grand Forks decided to build a dam on the Granby River. Frustrations were running high among the councillors as B.C. Hydro is giving no indication of slowing down on their rate increases. So, starting Apr. 1, city works crews are being directed to start the engineering.

  “It’s about the need for electricity during our peak periods,” said Mayor Brian Taylor. “Those times include the months from October through March. We’re at a loss as to what options are available to help.”  Flooding of the agricultural lands in the lower part of the Granby valley shouldn’t be a problem according to Taylor, as a lake is far more attractive to tourists then farm fields.  “It’s a really sandy area around Snake Hole,” said Taylor. “We could be a destination for visitors similar to Christina Lake. Homes around the lake will climb in value astronomically.”  While the dam site actually may be lower on the river than the original site, council was adamant that the clothing optional swimming beach be protected and suggested a number of sites on the river.  For land owners in the valley, council will be paying through the nose to compensate everyone, and a Granby River trust will be started to assist in sharing the benefits of the revenues from electrical sales.  “Of course the trust fund will only be given money when the city has taken everything it needs to cover off expenses,” said Taylor. “We hope that taxes will go to zero for local residents – we’re not fooling around with this one!”  Meanwhile local residents are calling foul on council as environmental impacts are not being addressed. “I’m not on board with this joke of a plan,” said Hardy Assinger, a local activist. “Really, who starts a project on April Fool’s day anyway?”  Taylor signed off the interview with a joking tone, “Of course we’re starting in April – that’s when the water is high and we need to monitor the flows. April Fool’s Day is the best dam time for new ideas.”

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