NDP interim leader Dawn Black visits Nelson/Creston riding

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By The Nelson Daily Sports
March 11th, 2011

By Bruce Fuhr
The Nelson Daily

B.C. New Democrat Party interim leader Dawn Black will be in the Nelson/Creston riding this weekend to visit the region as part of International Women’s Week.

Black, a unanimous selection by NDP caucus as interim leader prior to the April 17 leadership convention is scheduled to join Nelson/Creston MLA Michelle Mungall for a tour of the Heritage City Saturday before moving on to the East Kootenay City Sunday.

“I’m looking forward to the visit,” Black told The Nelson Daily from her office in Vancouver.

“I respect Michelle very much. We’ve worked closely together in our shadow cabinet (Advanced Education and Labour portfolio) and I’m definitely excited to visit the communities and meet the people of Nelson, Creston and Slocan Valley.”

Black, 67, is a former MP who moved to provincial politics in the last election. She was thrust into the spotlight when a revolt by one-third of caucus forced NDP Leader Carol James to resign in December.

 “It’s been very difficult for everybody, but what I was most happy with was my unanimous support from caucus for the period after Carol James stepped down,” said the MLA for New Westminster.

“This is a good sign that the party is back to working together,” Black adds. “And with the Liberals having a new leader I feel there will be an election called sooner than later.”

Vancouver Kingsway MLA Adrian Dix, 30-year veteran of politics Mike Farnworth, John Horgan, MLA for Juan de Fuca and Burnaby native Dana Larsen are vying for the party leadership during the assembly as the Vancouver Convention Centre.

“It’s too soon to say,” Black said when asked the clear-cut favourite to replace James. “It’s going to be a dynamic contest with all the candidates coming up with new ideas, policy and proposals. The membership will decide who will lead us. I’ve decided to remain neutral so we’ll see how it all turns out.”

The new leader of the NDP will be focused on defeating the B.C. Liberals and new leader Christy Clark.

“After being elected leader of the Liberal Party Ms Clark said she was going to put B.C. families first,” Black explained. “Well, I’ve been waiting for two weeks and nothing has happened.”

Black said the Liberal Party is a “tired party that’s run out of gas” so an election could be just around the corner.

However, before a provincial election dominates the political landscape there this question of the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). Clark has made this the first test of the Liberal government after pushing up the vote to June 24.

“The Liberals made a commitment before the election the party was not interested in the HST but a few short weeks after being elected the party broke their promise,” said Black.

“The HST is a tax impact tax on B.C. families and has had a very negative impact on B.C.”

Black and Mungall begin the meet and greet walk at noon Saturday from the Kootenay Bakery Café at 377 Baker Street.

The two politicians will also visit the Nelson Women’s Centre, considered one of the first of its kind in the province.


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