Phoenix Ski Hill gets a new safety hut

By Contributor
January 24th, 2011

Phoenix Ski Hill Society was pleased to open their new ski patrol and treatment building on Jan. 15. The society submitted the following about the new building.

This past summer and fall we have been busy up at Phoenix Mountain. A new ski patrol and treatment building was dismantled at Christina Lake and rebuilt up here at Phoenix Mountain. This building gives us a much better treatment area and more space for our ski patrollers and their equipment.

This building along with a financial donation was given by Ross and Elaine Glanville. Financial and in-kind gifts from people listed above have made this new building a reality, as well as 875 volunteer hours donated by 60 people in our community. This new building was just one of four projects completed this year.

The others were: kitchen renovations, a new phone system and underground power into our shop. We would especially would like to thank; The City of Grand Forks, Irene Perepolkin Area ‘C’, Bill Baird Area ‘E’, Grace McGregor Area ‘C, ’ Ross and Elaine Glanville and the Grand Forks Rotary Club for their generous donations to this lasting improvement to our ‘Best Little Mountain in B.C.’


Thanks to the following contributors who made the project possible:

Arne De Haas, Morrissey Creek, Boundary Electric, RDKB Area C, Boundary Home Building Centre, RDKB Area D, Boundary Security Services, RDKB Area E, City of Grand Forks, Redi Electric, Emcon Services, Dr. Robert Sebastian, Grand Forks Construction, Ross and Elaine Glanville, Grand Forks Credit Union, Roxul West, Grand Forks Home Hardware, Ryan Tomilin, Grand Forks Rotary Club, Unifab, Lawrence Planidin.

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