Atamanenko hosts forum on CETA

By Contributor
January 23rd, 2011

The Nelson Chapter of the Council of Canadians and MP Alex Atamanenko (BC Southern Interior) have invited International Trade Critic Peter Julian to speak at a public forum in Nelson on the Canada – European trade agreement and its threats to Canadian sovereignty. The agreement is officially known as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union.

“We are extremely pleased to have Peter Julian able to visit the West Kootenays and speak to us about this deal that is being negotiated behind closed doors and without meaningful public consultation,” said Sandra Nelken, Local Contact for the Nelson Chapter of the Council of Canadians.

“Everything from how we produce energy, grow food and supply water, to public services and intellectual property rights – all of this is on the table,” she added.

“This proposed trade agreement goes far beyond the scope of NAFTA and previous trade agreements Canada has entered into,” said MP Atamanenko. “There is a real concern that CETA will tie government hands for local job creation, procurement and community development and give undue power and influence to European corporations.”

As the NDP International Trade Critic, Peter Julian has visited Nelson before, speaking to an overflow meeting of more than 400 people in Nelson about the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agreement in January of 2008.

Guest speakers representing other levels of government and sectors of the community will join Julian for a panel discussion with the public following the speech.

“It is imperative that the public learns more about these trade negotiations, and helps call for a deal that actually benefits the citizens of Canada and the EU, rather than catering to a handful of big corporate interests,” added Atamanenko.

The event takes place at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 11 at Nelson United Church. 

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