Incorporation pending for regional chamber of commerce

Mona Mattei
By Mona Mattei
January 21st, 2011

An interim board is elected and an executive director appointed as the momentum to build a regional chamber of commerce for the Boundary region continues to be strong. In a recent session the chamber development committee finalized their incorporations documents and held elections.  “It really is promising the kind of support they’re getting from throughout the region,” said Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor who attended the session last week. “This looks like it is going to go and be a very progressive influence on the whole of the region.”  Sarah Winton, of Community Futures Boundary, has been appointed the board’s executive director and the interim board consists of Kathy Martinoff, president from Bridesville, Wendy Darbyshire, vice-president from Christina Lake, David Evdikimoff from Grand Forks, Mark Grimm representing the Grand Forks Credit Union, and Tammy Battersby from Midway. Vacant seats are the Community Futures Boundary, Greenwood representatives and a member-at-large.  “Not every seat (on the board) has been filled,” said Winton. “Ideally the paperwork (for incorporation) goes in by the end of the month. It will be at least 12 weeks before we hear back from them.”  The interim board will sit until the annual general meeting anticipated to be held in November of this year. The incorporation is under Industry Canada and the Board of Trade Act.

“We’re hoping to launch the regional chamber at an April 6 event,” said Winton. Winton said the project has taking over a year to really come together and she is looking forward to getting operational.