Draws for locally raised meat resume in the New Year

By Contributor
December 26th, 2010

Monthly Boundary region meat draws for locally raised products have been a huge success over the last few months for both producers and the prize winners. The monthly draws put on by the Grand Forks & Boundary Regional Agricultural Society (also known as GFBRAS or the Ag Society) are helping to raise money for the society’s mobile abattoir project.  The mobile abattoir will enable meat producers in the region to kill and slaughter animals on their property. There are several benefits to not having to truck the animals up to hundreds of miles to a stationary abattoir, including healthier, happier, less stressed animals.  Less stress results in meat that is more tender and tastier, as well as providing a humane treatment of the animals during their life.  A mobile abattoir would enable the community to become more self-reliant, self-serving, and self preserving; not to mention the health benefits of locally raised meats. 
The GFBRAS meat draws have included meat from North Fork Pork & Poultry, beef from Carl Sidwell, goat from Joybilee Farm, and beef from Greg & Jennifer Macdonald.  Feedback from meat producers and winners show that the draws are very successful.  The Macdonalds from Rock Creek enjoyed participating, “Thanks for involving us in the October meat draw.  This is a great way for local producers to get their name and product out in front of the public.”   Winners have been happy with the products they have been cooking up. Patty Redding, who took home some of the beef products said, “I am most impressed the professional packaging and presentation of the meat and the beef roast tasted really good.”  Clint Bell and Mona Mattei won goat meat from Joybilee Farm. “While most people think that goat is unusual meat, its flavour is not so different from lamb – and it’s leaner!” said Mattei. “We’ve enjoyed our prize meat in curry sauces and it is wonderful!”  Doug Zorn from North Fork Pork & Poultry agreed that the draws have been a great way to introduce people to the wonderful local food products the region’s farmers are raising. “We support the Ag Society’s Meat Draw project. We feel this has been a very good opportunity for local meat producers to introduce their products to local consumers,” said Zorn.   Paul Dunning who won the beef from Carl Sidwell wants to be able to find more local meat, more often. “It is nice to be able to support local meat producers. We really need a local meat shop in Grand Forks because you can’t go wrong with the freshness, quality, and taste of local meat,” said Dunning. “Without a doubt, the GFBRAS monthly meat draws are well supported by individuals in the area,” said Patti Bevilacqua, a director of GFBRAS. “We’d like to thank everyone who has bought tickets and supported this worthy cause.”  The next meat draw will be in the New Year – please look for tickets at many local businesses in the area.  For more information, or to get involved, please visit GFBRAS online at: www.gfbras.ca.

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