Phoenix Mountain racers take to the slopes!

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December 19th, 2010

The snow is falling and soon skiers will be gracing the slopes of Phoenix Mountain. Starting Jan. 8, 2011 the Phoenix Mountain Racers hit the slopes and are looking forward to a stellar snow season!
The Phoenix Mountain Racers (a non-profit community group) participate in the Nancy Greene Ski League, which is an alpine ski racing program for children six – 12-years-of-age. Children are introduced to basic skiing techniques and skills, and develop the ABC’S (agility, balance, coordination, strength /speed) in as many different snow conditions and terrains as possible but most of all, they are taught how to have fun on skis!
This year will be the second year that the Phoenix Mountain Racers are under the guidance of Coach(s) Andrew McKinlay and Bill Ahrens, both seasoned racers. The team has grown in confidence and skill  all due to the efforts of these two individuals. It is expected that the Club will grow in size and depth this year as they welcome several “little ones” to the team. “We’re so pleased to see so many young racers on the roster this year,” says Coach Ahrens, “this is how we’ll grow and maintain the team.  We couldn’t do any of this without the support of the Mountain, the parents and the communities throughout the region!”
With the support of Phoenix Mountain staff, board and parents, the club is thrilled to be hosting their first race of the 2011 season at Phoenix Mountain on Sunday, Feb. 13.  It is expected that this race will draw over 250 participants to enjoy the hospitality and charm of the local mountain.

The season runs from Jan. 8 to Mar. 12 and they are always looking for more racers!  For more information on the Phoenix Mountain Racers contact Jennifer Wetmore at jennifer.wetmore@telus.net  or 250-444-777 or Ken Makortoff at 250-442-1210. 

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