Kicking off youth soccer in the Boundary

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December 16th, 2010

For the first time in many years the Boundary Region can now boast its very own soccer association, and with holidays just around the corner, parents and guardians can take advantage of early registration.
The Boundary Youth Soccer Association (BYSA) was formally created during the fall of 2010, after a group of parents joined together to establish an organized and sanctioned soccer league in the Boundary area, which they have now done.
“It was obvious that we had to put our heads together and develop an association,” said Jeff Olsen, President of BYSA. “We had over 200 children from pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 7 register for soccer last year – and that was only in Grand Forks.” The association felt the success of 2009’s informal soccer group meant that there is an interest in a full league.
“The informal drop in on Saturdays had a lot of heart but no real league structure; as well, players from the neighbouring communities were left out,” Olsen added.
BYSA was created after many years of hard work from other parent volunteers in the area, including Vince Evers and the Evers family, and Bob and Lisa Chapman.  
Olsen, along with Vince Evers, Jason Harshenin, Cara-Lee Malange, Darcy Tiller and Sarah Winton, who all form the present executive, have been working diligently at getting ready for the upcoming 2011 spring soccer season.
“We are a registered association that is formally associated with the British Columbia and Canadian Soccer Associations (BCSA and CSA),” said Olsen. “Initially we plan to offer full league play to all children from Grade 7 down, adding a division each year to eventually capture everyone 19 years of age and younger.”
According to Olsen the underlying philosophy of BYSA is to have every kid who ever wanted to play soccer on a team, learning fair play, developing skills and having loads of fun through quality coaching.
“The definition of winning is having all players sign up the next season and develop a life-long love for the game, all-play-all-win!” Olsen said.
BYSA will be running coaching clinics in the early spring, developed through CSA and delivered by accredited BCSA coach trainers. The capture area of BYSA will extend from Christina Lake through to Big White, and games will be played across the region.
With registration to begin in this week, BYSA organizers are now tirelessly organizing for the inaugural soccer year ahead.

For more information, or to register online, please visit www.boundaryyouthsoccer.com

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