And now for something completely different....Oh Christmas Tree, Oh 21st Century by Local Anxiety

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
December 15th, 2010

A unique video by a Vancouver comedy duo, Local Anxiety, gives a little different take on the 21st century Christmas. From their eco-comedy CD Greenpieces, the duo take what began as an innocent video and created a new Christmas icon.

As half of Local Anxiety Mark Leiren puts it:

“It was supposed to be a simple little Local Anxiety Holiday video to plug our new eco-comedy CD, Greenpieces. Me, Kevin Crofton, a quick studio recording, a basic video camera. And then I thought… How funny would it be if we chained my niece, Emma, to a tree? And what if… I had a chainsaw? And that’s when it spun into…  well, this..
  Two shooting days. Two cameras. A full crew. Two nights in the recording studio. A Santa suit. Elf hats. Me singing harmonies. As Mrs. Claus would say, “the whole megillah.”



Mark Leiren’s website