Poverty and being homeless in the Boundary

The Big Raven
By The Big Raven
December 3rd, 2010

They say this is the time for giving and opening up our hearts to the people who have less. Right now, here in the town of Grand Forks I have counted with my own eyes six people who are grossly under housed, and by that I mean they are sleeping where ever they can including by the river in tents or on some ones couch.

Now that is only the people I can find with my meager resources, and I am sure there are plenty more who are out there trying their best to stay alive. Now just who are these people? Are they drug addicted bums? Are they criminals? Are they lazy no good doers?

After spending my life working with the poor and dis-enfranchised I found out who “they” are. They are our brothers ,sisters, mothers fathers, uncles, aunts, friends in other words “they” are us!

I have found ex-police, ex-doctor, even an ex-lawyer who have found themselves homeless for whatever reasons more in likely for the choices they made after some tragic event, by the way life happens to all of us.

The narrow-minded always find this group of people easy to pick on, oh sure people all want to help as long as its not near their house or business for crime and drug addiction will sky rocket and then the gangs and then ………….FEAR will rule (ha,ha) then N.I.M.B.Y. takes hold and any action the community of helpers take become moot.

The issue of poverty is only going to get worse and we must act as a real community and respond with more than a Christmas wish or a heartfelt nod and support the groups who are doing something to help with the problem instead of taking that fear filled road.

Research has showed me that the crime rates and drug problems go down when people are housed and supported in ANY community so remember that “bum” or “drug addict” is a human being and by pretending that you are better and they are bad is just that pretending based on fear.

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