ARTS: Musician creates beauty from an..... accordion!

By Contributor
November 17th, 2010

Like a one-man orchestra, Belarus-born Alexander Sevastian’s lightening-fast mastery of the accordion creates a rich, multi-layered sound that swells and stretches across a room, painting the listener’s mind with vivid imagery. 

A master of his craft, this three-time International Accordion Competition winner began playing at the tender age of seven. Now, Sevastian tours extensively, plays with esteemed orchestras and is an acclaimed member of the internationally recognized group Quartetto Gelato. He has also been active in the field of new music, premiering numerous compositions written for him. 

From classical scores to jazz-inspired sounds, Sevastian is able to take a traditional folk instrument and extract new colours and emotions. Sevastian will bring his renowned skills to Grand Forks as a part of the Boundary District Arts Council’s Performance 2010-2011 concert series on Friday, November 26, at 7:30 pm in GFSS Auditorium. 

Performance 2010-2011 concert tickets are available in advance at Thistle Pot Gifts and at Gallery 2: Adult $18; Senior $16; Youth $5; Family $45, or at the door: Adult $20; Senior $18; Youth $7; Family $50. 

For more information about the Performance 2010-2011 concert series, please call Erna Gobbett at 442-8569.