OP/ED: Sentinel celebrates one year of news

Mona Mattei
By Mona Mattei
November 5th, 2010

Happy birthday to us! It’s hard to believe that the Boundary Sentinel is one-year-old this week! Right from the start the Sentinel has received amazing support from across our fair region and has grown steadily over the past year. 

While the changes in one year are no where near the impacts that one can see in 100 years, there has been a real shift to the positive in most of our communities. Reporting on the ups and downs, challenges and victories, and even controversies is at the heart of any news agency. As a small organization we have sometimes been challenged to get to everything that takes place across our region, but as we grow this should be more seamless.   When I started this venture only 40 percent of readers were getting their news online, today that has increased to 60 percent of all readers! Does that mean papers are history? By no means, but it does mean that we are at the leading edge of the game and our growing readership supports the vision.   We’ve been excited to have all the submissions from the community that have been flowing in to help out with the small staff component and I’d like to thank all of you for your support.   Michael Wirischagin, sports, Nik Green with his witty commentary, Michele Dean who has the features knack, and Anisah Madden, along with countless others are dedicated writers who have helped keep our news flowing. And what better time than now to introduce the newest member of the team – Patti Illy from Greenwood – who has stepped into the sales for the Sentinel. Welcome Patti! I also send thanks to the men behind the scenes at Lone Sheep Publishing whose talent keeps the site active and visually stunning and whose patience helped a newbie get rolling.   And where would we all be without the advertising support from the community? It is at our anniversary that we get the chance to thank all of you for your continued support that will keep our news site on track for the coming years to provide you, the reader, with a voice in the Kettle Valley.   Visit often, comment lots, send us your scoop and don’t forget to vote on the polls! This is your online paper – make your voice heard! Oh, and I can’t forget – thanks for the birthday present Premier Campbell – you truly made our day!


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