Film and forum challenge the idea of economic well-being in Canada

By Contributor
October 31st, 2010

Canadians have been told, “If you work hard, things will get better.”  But while corporations protected their profits, hard-working Canadians’ lives and livelihoods have unraveled. The recession erased jobs and piled up public and private debt, leaving more people poor or insecure. The Boundary Women’s Coalition and MP Alex Atamanenko are sponsoring a public screening of the acclaimed film Poor No More, featuring Canadian actress and comedian Mary Walsh.  “I firmly believe that we can tackle poverty and strengthen our Canadian economy,” said Atamanenko. “This film gives a chance for people to see how it has worked in other places, and how it could be different in Canada.” The film, released in April 2010, was directed by Bert Deveaux and produced by Suzanne Babin and sponsored by a wide range of supporters across Canada – from the Anglican Church of Canada to the United Way of Calgary, representing many faith groups, social services, and student, teacher, and nursing organizations, professionals and more. “Imagine a world where people do not have to beg, and where housing and university is affordable.  Other countries give priority to their citizens’ well-being and have prospered economically,” added Atamanenko.  “We need to explore why Canada doesn’t do the same, and what can be done.  Boundary Women’s Coalition Co-Chair Diana Carr and MP Alex Atamanenko will be joined after the film by representatives of faith, community service, child care and labour groups in a panel presentation and open discussion with the public, to explore what is happening and what can be done to reduce poverty and increase economic justice. “This evening hopes to bring the issues of the working poor and poverty into the forefront,” said Carr. “When our community comes together to focus positively, we accomplish astonishing things.  We can erase poverty in the Boundary too.” The Boundary Women’s Resource Centre and MP Alex Atamanenko (BC Southern Interior) are co-sponsoring the showing on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the Grand Forks Seniors Centre (565 – 71stAvenue). MP OPEN HOUSE 

Atamanenko will also be hosting an MP Open House and Drop-In the following morning, Wednesday, Nov. 10 at Kokomo’s coffee house in Grand Forks (7361- 2nd Street), with some of his constituency staff.  “I invite constituents to come and discuss their concerns about any federal service or issue, or just drop by for a coffee and visit,” said Atamanenko.