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October 21st, 2010

Running a business often means hours of dedication, often with little pay, with a vision of success in the future – having regular income, sharing the joy of our work, and seeing satisfied customers. But once in a while it sure is nice to receive recognition.   At Community Future Boundary’s (CFB) annual business awards Boundary region business owners shine. Held during small business week, the awards ceremony and open house was on Thursday, Oct. 14 at CFB’s offices. With over 100 people in attendance, seven lucky recipients were honoured, and 60 businesses nominated for the various awards.   Along with the audience and awards recipients, Dave Marshall, chair of CFB and Warren Dunbar, vice-chair, were on hand to pass out the plaques.   Three business awards were voted on by the community – community entrepreneur, innovative community organization and the green business award sponsored by the Boundary Sentinel. The Boundary Sentinel was one of the many nominees for the community entrepreneur award, but the real honour went to Yacky Jacquie’s Café. Innovative community organization was taken by the Phoenix Ski Society, and the newest award for a green business was won by Mobetta Farms.   CFB award for Boundary wage incentive program 2010 employment award of excellence was won by Water’s Edge Cabinetry, Bob Hines and James Pyke. The 2010 youth in business award went to Tracy Lockwood with her herbal remedy and tea business Trust in Nature. The community impact award was presented to Cara Nissen, Then and Now Furniture Emporium in Greenwood. And the coupe de grace, business of the year award was given to Paula Sittler of Deadwood Junction, Greenwood.   CFB also recognized a long-time volunteer for their board of directors, who had also served as staff before stepping up to the board – Tamara Ogloff. Ogloff was recognized for her contributions over the years.   Nominees:   Community Entrepreneur Award:            Bill & Millie Popoff – Grand Forks Flea Market          Claudia Clay & Iris Braun – Soul Creation          Connie Lawrence – New West Trading Co.          Doug Zorn – North Fork Pork & Poultry          Ernie & Denise Prommer – Grand Forks Flooring          Fred Boyd – Buy Low Foods          Jacquie Wolfe – Yaky Jacquie’s Café – Winner          Jason Zwaal – Sunshine Valley Community Services          Jim Nathorst & Richard Graham – Pacific Grill          Linda Ludwar – Pepe’s Grooming          Mark & Amanda Deverson – Precision Endgate Safety Corporation          Mike Elliott – Kettle River Canoes          Mona Mattei – The Boundary Sentinel          Nettie Thomas – Kaleidoscope          Nik Green – Global Authority Media          Robin Salziel – Joybilee Farm          Roger & Donna Soviskov – Joga’s Espresso Café          Stan Schmidt – Overwaitea Foods   Innovative Community Organization:            Boundary Artisan Association – Robin & Christine Dalziel          Boundary Child Care Referral & Resource – Louise Heck •         Boundary Family & Individual Services Society – Leda Leander          Boundary Women’s Transition House – Connie Marchal          Farmer’s Market – Erica Domeij          “Food Sharing Program”- Vivian Browne          Grand Forks Art Gallery – Wendy Butterfield & Ted Fogg          Grand Forks & Boundary Regional Agricultural Society – Doug Zorn          Grand Forks Public Library – Heather Buzzell          Grand Forks Women’s Centre – Marge Henderson          Interior Health – Trish Hallstrom & Molly Skeritt          Kettle Valley Food Co-op – Christine Carlson          Phoenix Ski Society – Don Colclough – Winner          Victim’s Services – Cathy Riddle •         Walker Development – Brenda Boyd   Green Business Award:            Christina Lake Living Arts Centre – Bob & Lucinda Dupee          Durand’s Nursery – David Durand          Gaia Green – Michael Dean          Grand Forks Bottle Depot – Debbie Gourlie          Hampshire Farms – Gavin & Sue Fielding          Jerseyland Organics – Jeremy & Keely DeVries          Joga’s Espresso Café – Roger & Donna Soviskov          Kokomo’s – Susan Klarner and Tom Lockwood          Mobetta Farms – Bill and Sheryl Williams – Winner          New West Trading Co. – Connie Lawrence          Spencer Hill Orchard Gallery – Sheila Dobie          The Gem Theatre – Marius & Maureen Paquet •         The SunBean Café – Alyssa Milne   Youth in Business Award:  

  • Anarchist Printing – Amanda Bugeaud – Rock Creek
  •  N S P Travel & Tanning – Natasha St. Pierre – Grand Forks
  • Trust in Nature – Tracy Lockwood – Grand Forks – Winner

  Continuing Success:  

  • Barb Colin – BdCFlagging – Greenwood
  • Gail Horne – The Instant Reply Sports – Grand Forks – Winner
  • Irina Dyck – Euro-decor by Irina – Grand Forks
  • Les Sawyer – LaValley Beach B & B – Christina Lake
  • Marie Germaine – Sunshine Lanes – Grand Forks
  • Patricia MacMillan – Rest Assured Respite Care – Grand Forks
  • Sandy Hunt – Sandy’s Creative Cuts – Greenwood

  Community Impact Award:  

  • Cara Nissen Then & Now Furniture Emporium – Greenwood – Winner

  Boundary Wage Incentive Employment Award of Excellence:  Water’s Edge Cabinetry – Christina Lake  Employer: Bob Hines,        Employee: James Pyke   Business of the Year:  

  • Dave Evans – Nevans Ventures (Tomorrow’s Treasures – Gifts & Quilt Shop; Evans Painting Services) – Greenwood
  • Deadwood Junction – Paula Sittler – Greenwood – Winner
  • Paul Hoodle – P.H. Creation Construction – Christina Lake
  • Roger Soviskov – Joga’s Espresso Café – Grand Forks


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