LETTER: Starving and slaughtering deer could be new Grand Forks marketing brand

By Contributor
October 12th, 2010

Dear Editor, We write this letter to all the citizens in the City of Grand Forks, the surrounding area and to the five Councillors that voted for the “anti-feeding bylaw”. For 53 years we have lived at this same address and we have never had a “deer problem”. Our garden was feature in the “Gardens West Magazine” in 2007. Our front yard is not fenced but the vegetable garden is.   It now appears to us that some people have absolutely no tolerance for nature and wildlife. In our yard we have birds, raccoons, skunks, stray cats, deer, and our own two cats and we manage to live in harmony with all of them and feed them when necessary. This new bylaw and the overall mentality of a few councillors to “starve and slaughter the whitetail deer” goes totally against our belief of how we should survive in these controversial times. After 53 years of living with nature and doing what we love best, your new bylaw borders us as potential “criminals”.   First of all “starvation” is not an option and that applies to any creature. If a creature is starving they will find whatever it takes to diminish the hunger – humans even kill for food. Our existing plants that currently the whitetail deer do not favour will be eaten just for them to stay alive.   Grand Forks can soon be branded as an area for “starving and slaughtering” our wildlife. We would prefer to be remembered as an area of compassion and living in harmony with our wildlife. Which is better? To slaughter, or to show compassion?    For the newcomers that have decided to make the Boundary area your home we suggest that you research how to manage and live with nature’s creatures including the whitetail deer. You are welcome to come and see us to get more information on how we have managed to live harmoniously with existing wildlife for 53 years. It can be done!   Look around and notice the forested mountains that surround us. We live in the heart of wildlife territory. What else can we expect? We should be honoured to live in such an area! If some do not agree with this they should choose to live in cities that are surrounded by cement.   Live spiritually, mentally and in harmony with all of nature!   “I love this country but I cannot stand the scene”- Leonard Cohen   Sincerely submitted,

Liz & Bill Faminoff 

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