Noyes held at hospital for at least one year

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October 3rd, 2010

By: Jack Keating, The Province, PostMedia News Kimberly Noyes, who killed her 12-year-old autistic neighbour because she thought the boy’s death would allow for the second coming of Christ, has been ordered held. The Review Board made the decision last week regarding Noyes, who at her B.C. Supreme Court trial in July was found not criminally responsible due to a mental disorder for the fatal stabbing death of John Fulton in her Grand Forks, B.C., home in August 2009. “The disposition that the three-person Review Board reached (Wednesday) was that Ms. Noyes was to be detained at the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Port Coquitlam,” said Neil MacKenzie, Crown counsel spokesman for the Criminal Justice Branch. Dr. Eugene Wang, the psychiatrist who is assessing Noyes’ mental health, said that she has shown signs of stability, but there is still a significant risk that another psychotic episode could occur. The 43-year-old Noyes was charged with second-degree murder in the young boy’s death. She admitted to killing her young neighbour, who was found stabbed to death inside her rental suite. Noyes said she stabbed Fulton in the throat with a kitchen knife because she thought she needed to “sacrifice” the boy for the second coming of Christ.Fulton, described as a happy and high-functioning autistic boy, disappeared from his family’s doorstep on Aug. 15, 2009 and his body was found two days later in Noyes’ apartment. The Review Board is an independent tribunal established under the Criminal Code of Canada to hold hearings and make dispositions orders when individuals charged with criminal offences have been given verdicts of not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder or unfit to stand trial due to a mental disorder by a court. Re-printed with permission from PostMedia News

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