LETTER: Care home owner unable to continue

By Contributor
September 8th, 2010

Dear Editor:

I’m sure there are many people in the community wondering …… What is happening with the new Broadacres Care Facility on Carson Road? Here is an update….

I believe most of the community know that I have been working on this project since 2004, and finally received full licensing from Interior Health the end of April.  I have been unable to attract enough private pay clients from this community to warrant opening. 

We need at least five clients to cover staffing costs let alone other costs i.e. mortgage, taxes, utilities etc. We have recently been informed by Interior Health that contracts may be offered for the bidding process at the end of September, and then there is a 90-day period whereby the bids are accepted which brings it into early 2011.

Therefore, it is reasonable that it could be March of 2011 before we ‘might’ be awarded a contract and offer subsidized care for our beds.  It has cost the government and tax payers absolutely nothing thus far and has and is an enormous burden on my family.  

In the meantime, we have14 beds sitting empty in a brand new facility here in Grand Forks which badly needs this type of facility.  I feel badly for those trying to get help either for themselves, friends or family member and I have all but exhausted all and any avenues I can think of to open my facility.  

The demographics today and in the near future are pretty clear that eventually it will be a wonderful facility for the community but unfortunately I can’t wait till March 2011.


Rod Gustafson, RN. Owner

Grand Forks

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