Play Ball!

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
September 4th, 2010

“Play Ball!” was the cry that kicked of the 2010 Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament (GFI) on Wednesday night. Joan Thomas, president of the GFI, welcomed everybody to the annual event along with Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor who threw the first pitch.

Opening night’s attendance was the highest in a number of years and one can understand why when the starting game featured Team Russia and Grand Forks Blue. Although the Russians trounced Grand Forks 13 – 0, the crowd enjoyed the game rising to cheer at every chance. It was a great welcome for the Russians.

Games have continued through Thursday with certain teams becoming obvious leaders. Last year’s champs, the Lewiston Truckers, have handily won every game so far and predictions are that you’ll see them up against Russia for the final round.

But don’t count out the the Seattle Studs, San Diego Stars or even Team Canada as the battle on the ball field is still unfolding.

Money rounds start on Sunday. Best to gather up your sunscreen and get on down for some of the best ball in the region, maybe the world! Enjoy the hotdogs!

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