BC Green Party says cancel consideration of the Northern Gateway Enbridge pipelines

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July 31st, 2010

“BC Greens oppose the Enbridge  pipelines between the Alberta Tar Sands and Kitimat. The Michigan  spill proves that Enbridge has misled the public on the general safety  of pipelines and on its own record of spills,” said Green Party of BC  Leader Jane Sterk.

“It seems that it is only after a disaster happens that the real  record of the company comes out. Enbridge has a history of spills  along its network of pipelines. And, on the pipeline that broke, the  US regulator had told Enbridge that there were problems with  corrosion. Enbridge’s claim that the section of pipe that failed was not identified is not persuasive. After all, the break took place in a marshy area which would be a prime location for corrosion. Besides,  
the company is transporting a dangerous product and it is obligated to inspect and maintain the total length of the pipeline.

“Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel’s apology to the people of Michigan offers no comfort. And, his statement that Enbridge will repair all of the environmental damage is simply not plausible. Even the most naïve individual knows that this kind of damage can never be completely cleaned up.   

“The Green Party of BC calls on the BC Government and the Government of Canada to halt all further consideration of the two Northern Gateway pipelines. The pipelines will cross almost 700 streams, many of which feed into major lakes and rivers. BC simply cannot entertain the potential for disaster.

“And, the pipelines are not needed. There is overcapacity in existing pipelines and there are alternatives. BC should not be enabling the expansion of the Tar Sands, we should not be damaging pristine areas of the province and we should not be going against the wishes of First Nations and communities along the route.

“It is time to wean ourselves off fossil fuels not to promote further expansion dirty oil. A triple bottom line assessment of this project would prove that it is not good for BC,” concluded Sterk.

This article is a press release from the Green Part of BC.

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