Monthly meat draws raise funds for the building of facility for local meat producers

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June 21st, 2010

A new monthly meat draw will feature not just any product – it will offer only locally produced food. On June 15  the Grand Forks & Boundary Regional Agricultural Society held their first monthly meat draw. The money raised will help to build the mobile abattoir – a unit that will process both poultry and meat in the Boundary region for local livestock producers.  The winner of the 35 pounds of meat from North Fork Pork & Poultry is Dannielle Powell. Bill Tomlin and Rob Baxter, winners of the special draw, will each receive a turkey from Larry and Dona Dees. The Ag Society thanks all the people who purchased meat draw tickets.   The next draw, for 40 pounds of beef from Sidwell Farms, will be held on July 30. Tickets can be purchased at Kocomo’s Coffee House, B & F Sales, Joga’s Espresso, or contact Doug at 250-442-3359 to find a local vendor. Tickets can also be purchased at the Grand Forks Farmer’s Market — look for the blue Ag Society sign. GFBRAS is also looking for backyard gardeners who want to sell small quantities of produce/plants from their garden. For a small fee, the Ag Society will sell your produce at the GFBRAS table on the days they sell the meat draw tickets at the Farmer’s Market. To make arrangements please contact Kate — cityboycountrygirl@gmail.com
MARK YOUR CALENDAR —- GFBRAS June meeting is Wednesday, June 30 at 7 p.m. upstairs at the Station Pub. Bring a friend; the more the merrier.

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