Is BC to big?

Reality Check
By Reality Check
June 18th, 2010

British Columbia is a large and wonderful place, with one problem, not enough citizens and a lot of rules and regulations guranteed to keep you thinking you are safe anyway, in case you were wondering. You know provincial ministries CYA regualations, helmets required when riding a bike and pay for your gas before pumping. Rules and regulations that may or may not be enforced where you live in the Kootenay’s.
Of the 4.3 million souls, who more or less call BC home for most of the year, almost 80% live in the lower mainland, Freaser Valley and southern end of Vancouver Island.
Very few live in the Kootenay’s or for that matter in many other areas of BC. Now would you as a political party, seated on an island to which a lot of Kootenay people cannot afford to travel to, really care about the economic and well being of people in the Kootenay’s?
From the past 40 years of extremist shifting governments of restitution and dubious honesty, there is not much to show for provincial interest in the Kootenay region. The Kootenay’s is one of those places that goes bust and boom on a seasonal basis, is rich in resources, which is based upon frickle international future markets, (think casinos not owned by first nation peoples), that if nothing else allow residents of the Kootenay’s the ability to practice for recessions on a yearly seasonal time table.
Perhaps we should look at becoming our own province, set up toll booths at each end of the Kootenay’s and reap the rewards of the carbon people travelling through.
We could form a democratic government that is not rooted in a distant past filled with undemocratic values.
Better yet actually build a university in the Kootenay’s dedicated to new energy sources and utilizing the one’s we have in abundance to be non polluting and invite the green world to our paradise.
If nothing else we would at least have a provincial capital, that is not an island fortress, but centered so all could access elected officials. Think of the building project this would be, including new roads to open up our world within reasonable travelling times.
We would be smaller, but small is beautiful and we would still be part of Canada! Viva Kootenay!

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