Dance recital shows off impressive youth talent

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
June 10th, 2010

Over 85 students from the Grand Forks Granby Dance Studio put on an impressive show for their third annual recital “For the Love of Dance”  with the support of their teachers and many parent volunteers. With styles ranging the dance spectrum from hip hop to jazz to traditional Irish, the students provided entertainment that demonstrated the strength of the arts in the Boundary.

The show opened with a suite of songs featuring the different classes of Irish dancers in a story about mermaids and pirates. The traditional upbeat music got the audience swaying in their seat as they enjoyed the dancers’ complicated steps.

The studio’s youngest dancers then took the stage with pre-school ballet and pre-school tap / jazz combination numbers. At this young age the dancers are just learning what dance class is all about, but their expressions and genuine happiness in dancing was adored by all.

As the performance unfolded, the classes of older students demonstrated the more complicated techniques and varied dance styles that come with years of practice. New this year at the studio is the teen belly dance performance group, Jamila Zahra, that is now performing at different events and shows. It’s clear from the tight dance number they performed that they have been working hard indeed.

Studio owner Michele Dean said that they will be continuing to offer a variety of dance classes next year and they are already planning the next recital.

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