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Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
June 7th, 2010

International audiences will be getting a glimpse of the Boundary on the new television show West Coast Escapes. On June 11 and 12 local film and television Producer, Nik Green, is bringing a production team including veteran Wings Over Canada creator John Lovelace to shoot across the region.

Escapes focuses on the best and brightest of the West Coast as the crew flies and drives around the province bringing unique characters, places and activities to a large audience via Chek TV and Public Broadcasting Station. “When I got on board with this program I saw a listing for Christina Lake on their programming schedule,” said Green. “I wanted to articulate just what else there is west of the lake with the West Boundary and Grand Forks offering up some very valid stops as well.”

Green said the exposure the show receives has him working overtime to ensure the crew gets all the local bits and pieces we know and love. “You build an interesting rolodex being associated with this area,” he said. While he intends to speak with Mayor Brian Taylor, Green insists his name is the only mention of the color you will find in this particular program.

“Last year’s documentary featuring the area was, in my opinion, wonderfully made and handled with care,” said Green. “Regardless, the show we are bringing to the area focuses on all the great reasons to visit, relocate and vacation in the Boundary and shares no similarities with previous shows shot in the area.”

Stops in Greenwood, Phoenix Mountain, Grand Forks and Christina Lake will feature local artisans, tourist stops, architecture and more as the crew goes off the beaten path to find the best the area has to offer. West Coast Escapes TV is a brand new, active lifestyle series that discovers properties, resorts, rentals and hidden gems along the West Coast.

Green said even as a longtime resident of Grand Forks he’s surprised by some of the information he has gathered in researching his hometown from Vancouver. “We need a Grand Forks production office, I’m having withdrawals doing my research,” he said.

The crew will be shooting from June 11, 12 and 13 in the Kootenay area. The crew utilizes a plane owned by John Lovelace and a Toyota FJ Cruiser to travel the west coast in search of interesting content and visuals. West Coast Escapes shoots throughout the summer and airs starting on
Sept 8, 2010 on Chek TV.

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