OP/ED: Aquilini project not a shoe-in

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March 18th, 2010

As the Regional District Director of Area “C” Christina Lake the following is my opinion so far on the latest submission and request for rezoning by Aquilini Renewable Energy – John Negrin.

First, as we have so often said, everyone is entitled to submit a request for rezoning consideration to the Board of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary. Part of our request to the Aquilini Group was that they put together in depth information about the project, have community consultation and answer community questions around that information then bring it back to the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.

They have not done that and the information they have submitted in the eleventh hour from my perspective is incomplete and does not fully address the issues and concerns cited in our official community plan

I am aware that many people believed that your local government would sneak this through without consultation or community involvement – please know that we do not do business that way. If we ask for information and community consultation, that is what we expect before we go forward with a project. Right or wrong, inconsistencies in information tend to give out messages to communities on the credibility of both the proponent and the project; some of us have seen this happen in the past.

Christina Lake property owners and residents must understand that there are numerous requests for zone changes that come to our Regional District. If I as your director or the Regional District automatically had the power to turn these down with out due process it could very well mean that your project might be rejected before it has due process.

We do not have that power, we do not want that power and you as Christina Lake residents should not want us to have that power. Our job is to base our decisions on facts; this is how the system works.

As the legislature dictates I have provided due process to the proponent, listened to those who have submitted comment, studied the information submitted and as it stands now I think the chances of this application getting approval are slim to none unless there is information I have not yet seen and the Board convinces me that it should.  


Grace McGregor

Regional Director Area C

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