Great film fest!

The Big Raven
By The Big Raven
March 2nd, 2010

I would like to thank the Boundary film fest folks for a job well done. I found the films very informative and full of hope except one – H2oil which describes the awful truth of how our so called leaders have sold us all out by giving away this resource to the people to the south with no real benefit to all Canadians. Our search for alternative energy gets put on hold and as long as people get work not to many seem to care.

Let’s not forget the First Nation population that has seen a dramatic increase in rare cancers and the destruction of the environment and their wild food sources. I always am reminded if this was you or me and it was happening here we would all be up in arms, except the ones working using the same old redneck short term thinking. I was also reminded that people in general think that after peak oil (means its running out) technology is gonna save us somehow.

Ha hahahahahahaha as long as we focus on short-term solutions for long-term problems we will all pay in the end of the day just so we can eat crap food and watch the idiot box believing in more lies produced by the corporations that only care about making rich people richer (remember poop and talbot who would never abandon you) all the while when your children ask you why did you let this happen? or just what did you do to stop this insanity? We can say “well, I paid the mortgage”.

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