LETTER: Albertan parents facing the same issues in education

By Contributor
February 28th, 2010

As a parent (boys gr 1 and 4) and an experienced consultant on the governance of not-for-profit organizations I wanted to thank you very much for your article: Parents break out of apathetic attitudes to challenge educational institutions.

In Edmonton our student performance has stagnated for the last five years or so, our graduation levels are low (but improving) and we have a serious problem with the management of our facilities. The only way that things will get better is by having engaged parents who learn what their boards are doing (or not doing) and keep them accountable. This in a small way has started to improve things here in Edmonton and I believe in the next five years will make a significant difference.

I referred to your article on my blog today: http://knowyourtrustee.com/school_board_accountability.html

Keep up the good work!!

Dale Hudjik 

Edmonton, Alberta

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