Change in a changing world

The Big Raven
By The Big Raven
February 28th, 2010

When I first moved to GrandForks I was asked to help with some healing circles that delt with some pretty touchy subjects and did my best to help. The one thing I forgot to say to these groups is that with healing or change comes the responsibiltiy of doing the real work of looking at our behavior and making the changes for the highest good for all instead of shooting the messenger and pretending that we can not or do no wrongs. And who pays for our follies?The people we serve ? the youth? Or maybe the whole community.When we refuse to see that by keeping the same folks in the same jobs for years and years without a real review process all we are doing is creating the little power bases we all hate. Change is a constant part of our world that we as humans have a very hard time to accept in-fact we fool our selfs by thinking we can dominate all life and change the course of things. Right now in Canada we are selling the resources mostly oil to the people to the south who now own most of what used to be ours just so you and I can keep the standard of living we think we have a right to. I must remind you that with rights comes responsibilities and I am still waiting ……………! We must remember to make real change we must be willing to take risks and a real look at our selfs and own our own crap then and only then can we meet on equal ground. By the way the same problems are still there and now Im the new boggyman.

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