Olympic volunteer living out her bucket list

By Contributor
February 22nd, 2010

Local retired teacher Lyn Mackey is living another one of those “bucket list” dreams. When Vancouver won the bid for the 2010 Olympics, Lyn decided she would volunteer at the games.

Well, six years later, she is there and having the time of her life. Lyn was selected to be one of thousands of transportation personnel to assist with “moving the games.” She was excited to say the least, but it kept getting better.

She was told she would be driving people, and the people she would be driving are Olympic athletes. Lyn was selected to transport figure skaters to the Trout Lake training facility and long track speed skaters to the Richmond Olympic Oval. The two sports happen to be favorites of hers, and she is just like a kid with her autograph book, pins and camera. She is meeting wonderful young Olympians from around the world and exchanging “her BC” with everyone who climbs into her van.

Lyn volunteered for the entire Olympic Games and has been in Vancouver since
Feb. 2. Her last driving shift is Feb. 27.

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