Chimney fire spreads to rest of house

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
February 11th, 2010

A call to the Christina Lake Fire Department saved a home last week. Around midday on Sunday, Feb. 7 the occupants of the home contacted the department to report a chimney fire that they believed to be out. Once on site, the fire crews found that the fire was not out but had spread up into the attic.

“This was an older double wide trailer with a secondary roof built over top of the original roof,” said Ken Gresley-Jones, Christina Lake fire chief. “The fire spread by radiating heat from the steel chimney to a roof truss, which eventually smoldered and caught fire. The fire then spread through the original roof/attic area making it necessary to cut holes in the outside of the wall and remove the ceiling panels.”

Almost all of the contents of the house were saved and covered in tarps to prevent water damage but it is estimated that about $30,000 in damage was sustained by the structure.

“Chimney fires can be dangerous,” said Gresley-Jones. “If in doubt call your fire department, it is better to be safe then sorry as chimney fires can turn into house fires quickly.”

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