LETTER:Trails development a project to bring pride while using money wisely

By Contributor
January 20th, 2010

Dear Editor:

I am writing to support the City Council’s planned borrowing currently under alternative approval process. Municipal infrastructure is incredibly expensive, and actions such as Council is taking are not done without due consideration of all the options.

City staff has worked hard to win grants from both the federal and provincial governments so that the planned $3 million in improvements will only cost the taxpayers of the City $750,000, which means that for every $1 spent by the taxpayers, the City gets $4 worth of infrastructure improvements. This sounds like a great deal to me.

It gets better: this money will be spent developing green infrastructure; trail upgrades and new access for pedestrians, bicycles and electric access vehicles.

The decline of fossil fuels and an aging population are two critical social trends that are converging as we speak. With this initiative, the city is leading the way to a different future, planning for these changes rather than being overwhelmed by them.

What better way to attract seniors than to provide mobility for them away from traffic? As a 61-year-old retired person, I have promoted trail development and use for most of my adult life. I am proud to have chosen to live in this community and fully support the actions of city council in this regard. 

George Longden (Macguy), Grand Forks

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