Christina Lake year in review - a director's perspective

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December 31st, 2009

Grace McGregor is the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) representative for area C – Christina Lake. In this article, McGregor give a review of activities in her area. 2009 has been another busy year for Christina Lake as plans were made and work started on the Christina Lake Living Art Centre, the solar aquatic system and the beginning of dialogue for the Christina Lake riparian regulation. The milfoil control program under the leadership of Dave Caswell at the RDKB has accomplished a great deal this year. Dave has partnered with the University of B.C. to conduct research into the milfoil weevil – an aquatic bug that feeds on milfoil stems. Dave and the crew have also held milfoil picking classes, and adopted new and more efficient ways of picking the plant infestations.

Those interested in developing seniors housing continue to meet and hopefully 2010 will be the year for some positive steps toward realizing our dream.

Christina Lake welcomes Craig Caruso who has been contracted to handle Boundary Animal Control and we are pleased to look forward to a summer with Craig onboard.

The Cascade Cemetery continues to go forward with Bev Bolduc and friends heading the project. We at Christina Lake really appreciate what this energetic group is doing and we understand that the winter is not deterring the group from making grave markers for the early settlers of Cascade City.

The Boundary Economic Development Committee (BEDC) handled many items in 2009 including the possible closure of the rail line, a new Boundary website (with the help of Roger Brooks) which will be accessible in the spring, the agriculture plan committee is up and running and early in 2010 the Boundary water committee will start work. The BEDC will hold its 2010 strategic planning session Jan. 5.

As the Director for Christina Lake the following is a list of the committees, meetings and workshops that I attend on behalf of area C:

BEDC Boundary Economic Development Chair, RDKB Finance, RDKB Environment, SIDIT (Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust), SIBAC (Southern Interior Beatle Action), RDKB Planning and Development, Association of Kootenay Boundary Local Government president as well as member, Union of British Columbia Municipalities executive (Environment Committee, Community Economic Development, Rural Resource Roads Committee), Rural Directors Forum – Richmond, Christina Lake area planning committee, Christina Lake Parks & Recreation, Christina Lake Seniors, Christina Lake Arts and Artisans, Christina Lake Stewardship, Christina Lake Cemetery volunteers, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, ICLEI – World Congress this year in Edmonton, and the West Kootenay Hospital Board.

As we go forward into 2010 I say thank you and kudos to the volunteers of Christina Lake they are the ones that keep this community going, they are the positive thinkers who work tirelessly to make this community better – without them my job would be impossible. Happy New Year to all, Grace.

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