Dance extravaganza a hit

Mona Mattei
By Mona Mattei
November 23rd, 2009

The Hip Sisters belly dance troupe hosted another successful Dance Extravaganza on Thursday Nov. 19. The show featured seven different troupes with various dance styles. Along with the Hip Sisters were Les Folles Jambettes cancan troupe, Rara Avis, Shekinah, Spirit of the Dance Irish dancers, Bibblesqueak the clown, and Granby Dance Studio performers.

Funds raised at the event and silent auction will be donated to the Central Asia Institute (CAI). The CAI was founded Greg Mortenson. Mortenson’s one-man mission to counteract extremism by building schools, especially for girls, throughout the breeding ground of the Taliban was started when a Pakistani village aided him in a time of need and he vowed to come back. His story is chronicled in his book Three Cups of Tea.

While the silent auction at the event raised $1000, Hip Sister member Cynthia Howard said that the final tally on their efforts will not be known until Dec. 15. Ongoing campaigns for donations include the Pennies for Peace at the elementary schools in Grand Forks and Christina Lake as well as requests for assistance sent to local businesses.

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