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by Contributor on Thursday Jul 16 2015

This wildfire season has been one of the most challenging in recent memory.

As of July 14, fire crews have responded to 1,083 fires throughout the province - compared to 523 at the same time a year ago. Of those fires, we know over one-third are human caused. That's 375 fires, leading to an estimated 43,718 hectares going up in flames.

We must send a clear message to those that...

by Contributor on Friday Jul 10 2015

Ed. Note: for the context of this letter, see full coverage by following this link.

I just want to give a huge thanks to all those who played a part in allowing me and my family to keep Chumlee and Rosie. 

I first must thank my wonderful...

by Letters to the editor on Wednesday Jul 08 2015

To The Editor:

June 18 was a momentous date for the people of the Kootenay and British Columbia – cancellation of the Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) for Jumbo Glacier Resort must now mark the end of a decades-long struggle for the protection of one of this region’s most beloved wild places, the Jumbo Valley.

The would-be...

by Shara JJ Cooper on Monday Jun 15 2015

Dear Editor

It seems like only yesterday (40-50 years ago) parents were warned that sitting too close to a television set was harmful for children; and only yesterday (60 years ago) US forces, when testing atom bombs in the Bikini Atoll, told locals it was for the betterment of humanity (see the film Atomic Café). In US tests, troops were told to run towards the...

by Castlegar Source on Tuesday Jun 09 2015

Interior Health’s board chair Erwin Malzer today announced that president and CEO Dr. Robert Halpenny has informed the board of directors of his decision to resign in the fall of 2015 in order to pursue other opportunities.

“In his tenure as president and CEO, Dr. Halpenny has been a passionate leader, working tirelessly to improve health care for residents throughout the Interior,”...

by Contributor on Tuesday Jun 02 2015

Dear Editor,

I've been seeing a large number of "kind people" picking up "lost pets" and posting on social media. It's a bit disturbing to me and others that people are so quick to grab the animal and take it home to keep safe until owners are located. 

Last fall one of our dogs ran out our front door and down the street and in the time it took for me to slip on a pair of flip...

by Contributor on Sunday May 24 2015

Dear Editor,

As the one who a month ago launched the torpedo to sink the Habitat for Humanity project in Grand Forks, Coun. Chris Hammet now finds herself standing ankle deep in the old-Taylor-council doo-doo.

As per council tapes of the April 20th meeting, Hammet, under unannounced authority, is releasing “in-camera” data of the Allin/Taylor-council dealings of...

by Contributor on Friday May 22 2015

Dear Mayor and Council,

I understood from the local radio news that you were looking for solutions to the water system issues in Grand Forks. Here is an extremely inexpensive and effective solution: District Metering.

Veritec engineering did a study for the City of Revelstoke on their water system, dated Oct 10, 2013, ...

by Contributor on Wednesday May 20 2015

Over the past few months, Grand Forks City Council has received a few complaints directed towards myself and the Mayor, suggesting us to be in a conflict of interest with regards to the water meter program and water rates committee.   As we both had a strong objection to the program during the campaign period, it isn’t surprising that proponents of the commodification of water should object to...

by Contributor on Monday Apr 27 2015

The recent article in local media celebrating the public funding of the invasive weed program is one of many examples of pathetic behavior by our politicians that showcase why it is virtually impossible to have an honest intelligent discussion of the management of our province’s natural resources.

Cows traversing moderate steep grassland slopes create a major erosion problem which...


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