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by Barry Brandow on Thursday Dec 31 2015

My wife and I saluted the recent passing of former Premier Bill Bennett and reflected on our good fortune to have connected with Socred Governments who were great believers in small “d” democracy.

by Barry Brandow on Thursday Dec 31 2015

Newsletter December 2015

I am sending you sound bytes from hunters and outfitters that once again remind British Columbians that scientific driven wildlife management in our province has lost virtually every fight to the political game of maximizing hunting opportunity.

by Ryan Lengsfeld on Wednesday Dec 02 2015

As a teen the fantastical technology of Star Trek riveted me.

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Nov 18 2015

"Most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetimes, sometimes with devastating consequences." This statement is from a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

by Charles Jeanes on Tuesday Nov 17 2015

Why a retrospective?

by Barry Brandow on Monday Nov 02 2015


I am sharing a few pictures that represent a typical water/grassland scene on the Gipin Grasslands.

by Contributor on Tuesday Sep 01 2015

Daily there are thousands of migrants fleeing to Europe from Syria and Iraq.  This year there have been over 300,000 refugees arriving on European shores.  People are fleeing the savage rule of ISIS in parts of Iraq and Syria and the ongoing civil war in Syria. 

by Contributor on Saturday Aug 08 2015

How much would it cost for the City of Grand Forks to test the accuracy of local industries' water meters? Last year, the CAO told me it would be too expensive. But, as far back as five years ago, expert engineering companies have been recommending this to our city.

by Barry Brandow on Friday Jul 10 2015

Deer Committee members; Norm Walker and Barry Brandow do not support a whitetail deer cull.

The deer cull will obviously give British Columbians the impression that the whitetail deer on their historic range is at carrying capacity when the exact opposite is the case.

by Graham Watt on Monday Jun 15 2015

What’s happening with the spring runoff this year?

If you are wondering about the snowpack levels and the river flows this spring you are not alone.