Regional economic development service questioned

Grand Forks city councillors meet with the BEDC; Photo, Mona Mattei
Two years after the reformation of the regional economic development service some directors are questioning if the committee’s work is going in the right direction. After hearing grumblings about the services overseen by the Boundary Economic Development Committee (BEDC), Chair and Regional Director for Area C, Grace McGregor, said they decided to clear the air at their November meeting including inviting the entire Grand Forks city council to attend.
McGregor opened the floor to discussion after an overview of the work done by the BEDC.

OP/ED: Big biotech may win in vote for non-GMO bill

MP Alex Atamanenko, B.C. Southern Interior
New Democrat Agriculture Critic, Alex Atamanenko (British Columbia Southern Interior) is appalled at how Conservatives have slammed the door in farmers face and are ignoring their concerns over economic impact of genetically modified crops.
After months of negotiation Conservative MPs abandoned a deal to allow the Agriculture Committee more time to consider the merits of Atamanenko’s Bill (C-474).
“It’s no secret that Big Biotech doesn’t want a debate on GE seeds,” stated Atamanenko.  “They are quite happy with the present system

Slag to solar - new technology will change the face of Greenwood

(L-R) Anita Langley, director of operations, explained the new solar technology while Joe Falkowsky and city administrator Gerry Henke look on; Photo, Mona Mattei
Someone may have found the magic key to making solar panels from mining slag. Transforming the left-overs from the hundred-year-old waste will be a godsend to Greenwood, not just to eliminate the eyesore slag pile, but finally creating jobs.
A crowd of over 80 came out to hear the news delivered by Joe Falkowsky, a resident of Greenwood since the days when the mine was still operating and current owner of the pile along with the City of Greenwood. Falkowsky’s company, Greenwood Solar Systems BC Ltd.

Interfor previews new energy facility for Grand Forks

Craig Carlyle (r) Interfor's energy manager, explains aspects of the co-gen plant to Councillor Christine Thompson, David Milton and Councillor Chris Moslin as Andrew Horahan looks on; Photo, Mona Mattei

A proposal for a co-generation plant was unveiled on Monday in Grand Forks. For most of the city this was the first look at the power plant project that International Forest Products Ltd. (Interfor) is interested in building on their sawmill site. The 20 megawatt plant will deliver power and provide benefits to the company’s existing operations. Key questions that arose at the information session focused on concern for the environmental impacts of the plant. 

New regional chamber gets advice from Minister Black

Minister Iain Black (r) talks to regional chamber. Mayor Colleen Lange and Community Futures Boundary Manager Wendy McCulloch; Photo, Mona Mattei
Minister Iain Black, hosted by the City of Greenwood last week, rang in the new era for the regional chamber of commerce for the Boundary region last week. Black, Minister of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development (at the time) was on tour to recognize small business month in the province.
Black, accompanied by Boundary-Similkameen MLA John Slater, was welcomed by local government representatives, Community Futures Boundary, the Greenwood Board of Trade and some West Boundary business owners.

Small businesses recognized in the Boundary

Paula Sittler, Deadwood Junction took home the Business of the Year 2010 award presented by Dave Marshall (l) and Warren Dunbar (r); Photo, Mona Mattei
Running a business often means hours of dedication, often with little pay, with a vision of success in the future – having regular income, sharing the joy of our work, and seeing satisfied customers. But once in a while it sure is nice to receive recognition.
At Community Future Boundary’s (CFB) annual business awards Boundary region business owners shine. Held during small business week, the awards ceremony and open house was on Thursday, Oct. 14 at CFB’s offices.

Boundary Wood looking for capital of $3 - 5 million

Midway Mayor Randy Kappes addresses the audience of nearly 100 in Rock Creek alongside Stephen Hill; Photo, Mona Mattei
Over 100 people from the West Boundary area have said that they are interested in potentially buying a $10,000 share in the newly formed Boundary Wood Products Inc. The company, unveiled by local government representatives last week, is trying to raise between $3 – 5 million to finance the new business.
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