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Enjoy Holiday Eating

This holiday season, start new traditions that honor the importance of the season as well the health and wellness of your family. Keep in mind that warm feelings, seasonal colours, smells and décor are what make holiday gatherings so special. Serve up an abundance of rich colours and flavours with a beautiful array of seasonal vegetable dishes. Vegetables and fruits are a welcome respite from the rich cheeses and meats that are the backbone of most holiday parties, and the cookies and other baked goods that adorn coffee tables at family gatherings.

The Electric Grapevine | Slip Slide and Send | 11.23.09

Slip Slide...Send As a nomadic writer stationed more or less in the Boundary Area, this time of year always brings to mind the wells that we go to when the news slows as the year draws to a close. The main one I have tried to avoid like a pothole on 2nd Street is the tried and true “Winter Driving” spiel that seems to always make its way into circulation in some form come November.

The Electric Grapevine | I Smell Sex and Coffee | 11.13.09

To thwart the onset of winter borne depression I often escape town and head for the warmer, wetter climate of the west coast to take in shows and conventions. The past three trips have included stops at the epic U2 360 concert, a visit to the National Barista Championships and Coffee Expo and the far more enjoyable Taboo - Naughty But Nice Show.

International Day of Climate Action

Rossland is celebrating the International Day of Climate Action from 7:00 to 10:00 pm on October 24th with Change Shorts – Short Performances on the Subject of Life, Laundry and Climate Change. The International Day of Climate Action will take place in hundreds of iconic places around the world from the Taj Mahal to the Great Barrier Reef. The City of Rossland Sustainability Commission and Columbia Basin Trust are co-sponsoring the event with assistance from Fortis BC, Green Drinks of Rossland and Rossland Rotary. The event will be held at the Miners’ Hall.

It's not the flu bug--it's you!

 Now that fall is upon us, it's time to bolster the system for the winter. This will help prevent and minimize the typical viral and bacterial flus common at this time of year. I try to remind folks that having a cold or flu each year is a good thing. It helps to re-train and remind the immune system what it needs to look out for, what it needs to destroy and keep it vigilant.

The Electric Grapevine | The Second Born Ultimatum | 12.24.09

What is the cost of playing video games at a near addiction level? For some its grades, for others its healthy relationships, but for myself it was alot more. In an about face way, my playing of a certain game lead to my sister being whisked away to Northern Ireland. Years ago, myself and my circle of friends played a game called Soldier of Fortune 2, basically day and night. We played so much we could close our eyes and still see endless hallways filled with carnage. Oddly, our circle of Grand Forks based players represented some of the top 50 players in the world.


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