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Regional News

By Nik Green on Tuesday Dec 07 2010

A year ago I touched on how little I care for the onslaught of garbage toys that flood the market this time of year. I'd like to upgrade that dislike of cheap toys to a general dislike of products that simply do not need to be created - period.

By The Nelson Daily Sports on Monday Dec 06 2010

Kootenay Lake:
The main lake is still going! As I said last month this is the best time of year to go fishing, and I haven’t been proven wrong yet.
November saw lots of big fish being caught again.  These fish have definitely put on the feedbags before the winter cold.  Rainbows up to 24 pounds and Dollies up to 15 pounds have been coming in consistently.

By Contributor on Sunday Dec 05 2010

MP Alex Atamanenko will be hosting events at both ends of his riding of BC Southern Interior this week. Atamanenko and the Oliver Senior’s Centre Society will be hosting a Tax Disability Credit information session on Thursday, December 9th at the Seniors Centre at 34452 – 95 Street in Oliver.  Staff from Canada Revenue Agency will make the presentation, with Alex’s Constituency Assistant, Lilly Zekanovic, on hand to assist.

By Laila Yuile on Saturday Dec 04 2010

As an adult, I think I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Christmas. Don’t get me wrong - I love the festive lights, the excitement of seeing my children enjoy the holidays, get-togethers and all the cooking…but I  really, really hate the commercialization, obligation and fake sentiment that also seems to have come to accompany the entire season.

By Murray Dobbin on Thursday Dec 02 2010

So, I guess if you want to break the law – say, counseling someone to commit murder – you might want the judge to be the CBC’s ombudsman.

By Mona Mattei on Wednesday Dec 01 2010
Boundary region youth are involved in risky behaviours including binge drinking, prescription drug use and exposing themselves to unsafe episodes with people via the internet, says a recent report on adolescent health in B.C.
By Contributor on Wednesday Dec 01 2010

The massive Biotech lobby has spent nine months and hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting against New Democrat Agriculture Critic Alex Atamanenko’s seed bill.  

“The amount of muscle flexing by big biotech against my simple bill has just been over the top,” said Atamanenko. “I am amazed that over 40 industry lobbyists – hired by multiple biotech organizations and companies – have been knocking on Conservative and Liberal MPs doors trying to get my bill killed.” 

By Nik Green on Tuesday Nov 30 2010

The hospitality industry is one that requires a certain brand of people as workers. A certain nurturing and thoughtfulness that some of us may not have needs to exist in order to get by, let alone stand above. Some people however will dive headfirst into the industry without posessing any of these qualities whatsoever. 
One such example can be found on the western edge of Ontario in the form of a motel that would make Fawlty Towers a 4-star gem. To disguise their name I shall call it the Carolyn *blank. No wait that's too easy, the *blank Inn.

By Murray Dobbin on Friday Nov 26 2010

Hearing Carole James declare that the challenge to her leadership is over – because the NDP’s Provincial Council backed her – reminds me of George Bush on the US air craft carrier with the huge “Mission Accomplished” sign behind him after the initial attack in Iraq.

Talk about not getting it.

The NDP is now on suicide watch as James and Moe Sihota with James’ staff (eager to keep their jobs) egging her on, try to silence principled people in the party who know there has to be a change.

By Kyra Hoggan on Thursday Nov 25 2010

The Supreme Court of B.C. has found in favour of the City of Castlegar after owners of the City Centre Motel downtown requested a judicial review of city council's decision to order the structure demolished.