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By Bruce Fuhr on Wednesday Nov 14 2012

Passengers on Pacific Coast Airlines Flight 457 bound for Trail Tuesday afternoon were not in any great danger when a fire is thought to have started in one of the engines said Vice President of Commercial Services Spencer Smith Wednesday.

“First of all there needs to be a bit of clarity around what actually took place,” Smith told The Nelson Daily.

“There’s been different reports and varying reports . . .. The notion that the plane caught fire and the engine was engulfed in flames. I also have had reports that the engine was on fire in flight.”

By Castlegar Source on Wednesday Nov 14 2012

What do cops, motorbikes and iPads have in common? They’re all helping make a child’s life better here in Castlegar through the Cops For Kids program, according to RCMP Const. Rob Gardner.

On Nov. 9, Gardner (a Cops For Kids rider) met eight-year-old Cops For Kids ambassador Connor Lauriault, who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Gardner gave Connor a tour of the detachment and a toy police car … but that’s not all. 

By Contributor on Wednesday Nov 14 2012

Columbia Basin Trust is making $150,000 available for projects that benefit Basin youth through two granting programs.

“We confirmed in our 2011-2015 Youth Initiatives Strategic Plan that we wanted to continue to support a range of opportunities that allow youth to engage with their communities and one another," said Sabrina Curtis, CBT Director, Sector Initiatives. "These two granting programs will make funds available for more youth projects."

Columbia Basin Youth Grants (CBYG):

By Bruce Fuhr on Tuesday Nov 13 2012

Passengers on a Pacific Coast flight to Trail received a scare when a fire started in the engine after the plane landed Tuesday afternoon at the Trail Regional Airport.

“The fire must have started after we landed because nobody screamed at the back of the plane,” said Pacific Coast passenger, Doug Stoddart from Nelson who was traveling back from Vancouver with wife Sharon.

“When I looked back I could see the flames coming out of the engine.”

By Contributor on Thursday Nov 08 2012

To the Editor;

This poem was written by Nicholas Peters just after the outbreak of World War II in 1939. Peters, who lived for some years at Grande Pointe, Manitoba, Canada, had emigrated from Russia in 1925 as a boy of 10 and had seen firsthand the horrors of revolution and war in his native country.

He joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1942 and trained as a flying officer. He died on the night of March 7 - 8, 1945 after his aircraft was hit by enemy fire. The poem is from a collection of Peters' work entitled Another Morn.

By Erin Perkins on Wednesday Nov 07 2012

During a normal school day at Christina Lake Elementary, the quiet chatter of children reciting their multiplication tables, working on group projects and reading out loud filters out of the classrooms and into the halls.

Then a secret signal sounds. Not the usual fierce fire alarm, but something new. And within seconds the school falls silent, the doors are locked and the lights are turned off.

By Erin Perkins on Monday Nov 05 2012

Honour and love for one’s country are values the Priede family of Grand Forks holds very dear.

So when Roxanne Priede was asked to serve as the National Memorial Silver Cross Mother by the Royal Canadian Legion from November 11, 2012 to November 11, 2013, she didn’t have to think long to know that her answer would be an enthusiastic “yes”.

“It means the world to me – it is an honour to represent all the mothers of Canada and my son,” said Roxanne during a private interview with The Boundary Sentinel this past weekend.

By Erin Perkins on Thursday Nov 01 2012

Some might say it is laziness, others may want to blame it on the tipping fees at the dump or transfer station, but the reality is people like to dump their compostable lawn waste, old appliances and even animal carcasses down the roads less travelled in the Boundary.

By Castlegar Source on Thursday Nov 01 2012

Vandalism and youth/alcohol calls have taken up an inordinate amount of police time this past week, according to Castlegar RCMP Cpl. Deb Postnikoff. She said police responded to 102 complaints between Oct. 26 and Nov. 1., including a complaint in which 10 cars were damaged out at the airport on Oct. 26 and someone smashed the sunroof of a vehicle on Ninth Avenue on Oct. 27.

By Boundary Sentinel on Wednesday Oct 31 2012

Hope moves us forward when times are tough and helps us flourish while coping with obstacles life puts in our path.

The Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities is celebrating 15 years of supporting community organizations in the region to achieve their dreams for local projects that help local people and foster hope. To truly commemorate the vision of their founding members back in 1997, the Foundation invites everyone to hear from the Hope Lady, Wendy Edey, on Thursday, Nov. 8 at Gallery 2.