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Regional News

By Boundary Sentinel on Thursday Nov 29 2012

New snow is calling to those who enjoy winter sports, but the Canadian Avalanche Center suggests enthusiasts be observant.

Light amounts of new snow fell in the region on Wednesday night and the forecasted wind and snow will add to the size and reactivity of this developing slab, according to Joe Lammers, one of the center's forecasters in a bulletin. The variety of surfaces which may include weak surface hoar crystals, a sun crust on steep solar aspects, and well settled storm snow from last week are complex.

By Castlegar Source on Sunday Nov 25 2012

Update as of 4:17 p.m. Monday:

Police say the two victims of an armed assault in a Silverton residence Sunday morning are both local males (names and ages have not yet been released).

RCMP Staff Sgt. Dan Seibel said it appears that one of the two victims was known to one of the four alleged assailants (all four of whom are males from the Lower Mainland/Vancouver area, ranging in age from 22 to 62), and that the victims don't appear to have been randomly targeted.

By Bruce Fuhr on Saturday Nov 24 2012

After deliberating most of the day, a seven-member jury handed down a list of nine recommendations at the B.C. Coroners inquest into the death of swift water search and rescue volunteer Sheilah Lorraine Wheeler Sweatman Saturday at the Nelson Courthouse.

The recommendations ranged from asking Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) expand the existing Swift Water Task Force to developing universal standards for swift water rescue and recovery equipment to swift water teams using only their own equipment during search and rescue operations whenever possible.

By Mona Mattei on Thursday Nov 22 2012

When a person gets the call to film for the Dragons’ Den TV show, it is unheard of to refuse. So when long-time Grand Forks resident Gary Gilbert got the opportunity to pitch his invention to the Den, he jumped.

The opportunity turned into a nerve-wracking, intimidating experience travelling to Toronto, Ontario to film in front of the Dragons. Gilbert’s history as a performer paid off as he stayed cool while the Dragons grilled him on his product.

By Contributor on Tuesday Nov 20 2012

Offering evidence of a First Nation community dating back to 1000 B.C., a site located at Slocan Narrows near Lemon Creek has been the focus of intense archeological research for more than a decade. For the last four years it has also served as the location for an innovative archeological field school. Co-Directed by Hamilton College Assistant Professor of Anthropology Nathan Goodale, the program is located at what is known as the Slocan Narrows Pithouse Village.

By Erin Perkins on Monday Nov 19 2012

Grand Forks is home to many talented people, but who knew you could have your nails done by the top nail enhancement artist in the country?

Our own Robyn Schwartz, owner of Polished and Pampered Hair and Esthetics on Market Avenue in Grand Forks, took home the prestigious Contessa Hairstylist Award for top Canadian nail enhancement artist at this year’s Contessas award gala in Toronto, on Sunday, November 11.

By Contributor on Sunday Nov 18 2012

By: Mischa Popoff, Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute, Research Associate for The Frontier Centre for Public Policy

Getting kicked off a flight for being inebriated must’ve been troubling for New Democrat MP Romeo Saganash. But it was even more troubling for me.

By Christine Esovoloff on Sunday Nov 18 2012

I was cruising around Pinterest one day and found a quote that struck something deep inside me. It read, "I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day." (I know, deep, right?)

Anyway,I gasped in excitement and thought, "Oh my gawsh, that's totally me!" and quickly 'pinned' it before moving on to other sparkly things ... but something pulled me back.

What the heck is with that anyway?!

By Nelson Daily Staff on Thursday Nov 15 2012

RCMP confirm that three-year old Alvin Barnett has been located this morning, safe and sound.

Cpl. Dan Moskaluk said on the RCMP website that Alvin Barnett was located Friday morning in Whitefish, Montana at around 7 a.m. MST., cancelling the Amber Alert.

The break in the abduction case came as a result of a civilian witness seeing the vehicle parked on a side street, local police were alerted. 

Robert Barnett is now in police custody.

By Bruce Fuhr on Wednesday Nov 14 2012

Passengers on Pacific Coast Airlines Flight 457 bound for Trail Tuesday afternoon were not in any great danger when a fire is thought to have started in one of the engines said Vice President of Commercial Services Spencer Smith Wednesday.

“First of all there needs to be a bit of clarity around what actually took place,” Smith told The Nelson Daily.

“There’s been different reports and varying reports . . .. The notion that the plane caught fire and the engine was engulfed in flames. I also have had reports that the engine was on fire in flight.”