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By Kyra Hoggan on Thursday Jul 19 2012

It is with deep regret that The Source reports the death, Friday night, of 73-year-old Wayne Ackerman. He did not regain consciousness after Tuesday's massive heart attack - but was surrounded by family and friends when he died just before midnight. The family will be holding a celebration of life, and The Source will provide details as soon as arrangements have been finalized.

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By Erin Perkins on Thursday Jul 19 2012

Human waste, unattended fires and toxic litter often accompanies seasonal squatters in the Boundary.

It happens every year -- people who are down on their luck set up house along a river bank or in the bush to save themselves rent and utility costs while the weather is good.

Their activity may seem harmless enough but it is both illegal and environmentally damaging, say local law enforcement officials.

By Mona Mattei on Wednesday Jul 18 2012

A gay couple from Vancouver was awarded over $4500 for discrimination in a  B.C. Human Rights Tribunal decision yesterday after being refused Grand Forks accommodations in 2009.

The decision, by Tribunal member Enid Marion, found that Les and Susan Molnar, operating the Riverbend Bed and Breakfast business at the time, were not complying with B.C. laws when they advised Shaun Eadie and Brian Thomas that they could not accept their reservation for a room.

By Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Jul 18 2012

UPDATE: Ashley Patrick Koftinoff, a 37-year-old Castlegar man who suffers from mental illness and was presumed dangerous after failing to return from a one hour pass from Hillside Psychiatric Centre in Kamloops, has been found safe and sound.

"He was taken into custody without incident in Invermere," said Castlegar RCMP Sgt. Laurel Mathew.

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By Kyra Hoggan on Tuesday Jul 17 2012

Highways 3A and 6 at the Playmore junction between Castlegar and Nelson were closed tonight after a car burst into flame.

Crescent Valley fire chief Glenn Leidloff said the incident was totally unrelated to the storms that plagued the area earlier in the day.

"We got the call at roughly 8 p.m., and we were already at the hall for a ceremony, so our response time was quick," Leidloff said. "But the car was already fully engulfed in flame by the time we arrived."

By Mona Mattei on Monday Jul 16 2012

Large crevices and sinkholes appearing in the Grand Forks slag piles along the Granby river were cause for serious investigation today.

The changes in the slag piles were noted by Pacific Abrasives Ltd. and city crews. 

"If the entire slag pile shifts and lands in the river we could see the Granby running through town on 2nd Street," said mayor Brian Taylor. 

Taking quick action, especially in light of the recent landslides elsewhere in the Kootenays, the city and Pacific Abrasives agreed to shut down operations as a precaution and to wait on a technical opinion.

By Mona Mattei on Monday Jul 16 2012

The Kootenay to Kitimat Caravan to protest Enbridge’s plans for a northern tar sands pipeline made one of their first stops in a 10 day journey in Grand Forks today gathering support and raising awareness.

Meeting a small gathering of locals at Gyro Park on Highway 3, the four men, Keith Wiley, Michael Gilfillan, Tom Nixon and Jim Tarral, fondly nicknamed the Geezer Gang, rallied the group to encourage continued pressure on government to stop the pipeline.

By Bruce Fuhr on Sunday Jul 15 2012

The BC Coroners Service announced during a briefing Sunday in Kaslo the rescue operation at Johnson Landing has been changed to a recovery operation.

“You were informed this afternoon that the site had no longer deemed a search and rescue operation but now would be a recovery operation,” Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe told the media at Sunday evening’s briefing.

Lapointe and disaster management specialist coroner Steve Fonseca were called to the site of the disaster Sunday afternoon.

By Contributor on Thursday Jul 12 2012

Open Letter to West Kootenay Residents:

It seems like the people who make decisions far away in Ottawa don't quite understand BC nor do they understand the importance of physical geography in such a mountainous place.

By Kyra Hoggan on Thursday Jul 12 2012

Photo by Anna Kaytor: BC Hydro's berm road, being built to keep water at bay in Genelle.

Water levels are expected to rise even further in an already-overflowing Genelle, but officials have slated a public meeting at 7 p.m.  today to reassure increasingly-concerned residents.

BC Hydro spokesperson Mary Anne Coules told The Source this morning that they’re forecasting another foot-and-a-half swell before the river subsides, which may not happen until late July or early August.