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Regional News

By Alex Atamanenko on Tuesday Dec 10 2013

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ten emaciated horses were siezed by the BC SPCA from Kevin LaFond's farm just outside of Grand Forks last week. Two of the horses were immediately destroyed. This is not the first time the SPCA has been called to this farm.

I recently had a chance to see the CTV news clip explaining the SPCA intervention on November 30th and December 1st in Grand Forks at the Lafond property. Frankly, I am relieved that some action has been taken. 

By Alex Atamanenko on Monday Dec 09 2013

My colleague Paul Dewar, our Foreign Affairs critic, recently wrote an article where he talks about Canada’s pattern of disengagement and withdrawal from the international community.  Paul mentions that our Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird likes to say that Canada will no longer “go along to get along” in reference to the Prime Ministers absence at the UN General Assembly in September. 

By Contributor on Monday Dec 09 2013

The Castlegar Bantam Rebels went a Cranbrook tournament and came back home with the gold medal.  There were 8 teams in the tournament, mostly coming from Alberta.  The Castlegar boys went undefeated in all 5 games they played, winning the final game 5-2 against Cochrane.  The boys have now won two tournaments and came in second at another.  Shown in the photograph proudly displaying their trophy:

Front Row:   Goalies Jake Kemp and Kyle Larsen

By Graham Watt on Monday Dec 09 2013

Recently we’ve been discussing how low river flows and high water use threaten fish and aquatic ecosystems in the Kettle River and tributaries. We are already considering options such as promoting water conservation, regulating water use in dry periods, and further curtailing fishing or harvesting in the river.

But it turns out the best long-term solutions may mean thinking ‘outside the box’ in terms of how we use water, plan buildings and landscaping, and manage vegetation and soils across the watershed.

By Contributor on Friday Dec 06 2013

Ed. Note: The following is an opinion piece provided by The IBEW Union.

Unless a Grinch’s heart grows, this story of 225 locked out electrical workers won’t have a very merry ending. The latest round of negotiations between FortisBC and its electrical workers have failed; all but ensuring 225 workers will be locked out for the holiday season.

By Bob Hall on Wednesday Dec 04 2013

Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology Program students are tuning up for a celebration of the fall semester with a trip through the sounds of six decades.

Three of Selkirk’s student bands will be playing at Spiritbar in Nelson on December 12 for a night of classic rock, R&B and hard rock. From Fleetwood Mac to The Foo Fighters, the students are amped to bring their skills to the community.

By Shara JJ Cooper on Tuesday Dec 03 2013

Grand Forks city council gave first, second and third reading to a new deer feeding bylaw, Nov. 25.

The new bylaw states that no individual can provide food to deer, either by handfeeding or leaving food out for the deer to eat. The bylaw was amended to include salt licks under the term ‘food.’ The bylaw also states that residents will not allow another individual to feed the deer while they are on their property or residence.

The bylaw does not include gardens grown for personal use, farm operations or ornamental plants.

By Shara JJ Cooper on Tuesday Dec 03 2013

Starting this coming spring, Grand Forks residents will only be paying for the water that they use. The new water metre program is expected to reduce energy requirements and save the city and residents money.

The two main goals of the project are for the city to deliver safer, more reliable drinking water and to manage the demand, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Doug Allin explained to city council at their committee of the whole meeting, Nov. 12.

By Linda Larson on Monday Dec 02 2013

I am often asked the question, "How do you like Victoria?" Well, Victoria is a beautiful city and I enjoy my time there, but MLAs have a range of responsibilities that also bring us to different regions of the province. As a member of two parliamentary committees, I attend meetings with MLAs from both parties. In addition to this, as Parliamentary Secretary, I spend time working with the Ministry of Health to make sure that we are addressing issues facing seniors not only in my riding, but throughout the province.

By Kate Lee on Thursday Nov 28 2013

The elegant crowd at Gallery 2's 22nd annual Wine Tasting were transported back in time thanks to the nostalgic Christmas cards glittering down at them and the abundance of retro comfort foods that enticed them into every room of the Old Court House building on Saturday 23rd November.

Each guest was welcomed with a program and an empty wine glass with catering tickets attached that allowed everyone to sample the culinary delights so generously donated by local catering companies and businesses Twisted Fork, Marge Meadows, From the Hearth Bakery and Alathyia Cakes.