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Thefts at Strawberry Pass: do NOT leave valuables in your car!

Vehicles parked at Strawberry Pass.

Warning: In the afternoon of December 15, a thief smashed windows in several cars parked in the roadside parking lot at Strawberry Pass and stole items from them. One man admitted having left his wallet in his vehicle; a window was broken and the wallet was stolen. He reported that, when he arrived at the parking lot from his task in the woods, there were six other vehicles with broken windows. It is never safe to leave anything of value in parked vehicles — at Strawberry Pass or anywhere else.

It's unusual for any of the parking areas at Strawberry Pass to be deserted enough for a thief to have time to break windows and steal items, but it happened. Don't let it happen to you. Broken windows can be repaired, but stolen identity documents pose a greater risk.

The man who reported the thefts to the  Rossland Telegraph had been working on taking down the former "Surprise" hut and stacking the materials to be packed out and tidied away when the snow is gone; see the "Glad Tidings" article in this issue.  He noted that when he phoned the police about the incident, he reached an officer in Kelowna, who had no idea where Strawberry Pass is.