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Secret Santa Elves help make Christmas special for local children

Jenny Heston (left) and Sandy Vecchio helped wrap the presents (see below) for the local Nelson chapter of Secret Santa Program. — Submitted

It’s a huge test every year but somehow for Santa Claus pulls it off — delivering presents and gifts to some two billion children during the 31-hour blitz period of Christmas, thanks to to Rudolph, different time zones and rotation of the earth.

However, Santa has confessed at times the job is a little overwhelming.

Hence the reason for the Man in the Red Suit to send out messages to Secret Santa Elves to help with some of the home delivery.

In Nelson, a few weeks ago, local person received a message direct from the North Pole that there was no longer a Secret Santa Program in the Heritage City.

Santa had told the person he had not seen a program of such in Nelson for the past three years.

So, the Nelson chapter of the Secret Santa had an Elf contact a few elementary schools in Nelson to ask if there were any little people who could use some assistance this Christmas.

“In short order, we received lists of kids totaling about 70,” the Secret Santa told The Nelson Daily.

The Secret Santa Elf went to work, contacting various community groups and local businesses to donate money towards this purpose.

“Businesses such as Cowan’s Office Supply, Coldwell Banker, Pitchfork and individuals stepped up to either purchase a gift for a child or to donate money,” the Secret Santa Elf said.

The Secret Santa Elf said those initial donations covered 30 little people gifts, leaving 40 remaining orders to fill.

The Secret Santa Elf then put a request through the Facebook community and within a matter of days had donations from people all over the world.

“We were blown away by the generosity of people from all over the world,” the Secret Santa Elf said.

“Donations came in from Alabama, California, Florida, France, Germany, UK, Vancouver and a myriad of other places.”

“Even those these people didn't live in our little community they wanted to help, and it was greatly appreciated,” the Secret Santa Elf added.

The Secret Santa Elf said as of last week all 70 children were covered and would receive a wonderful present from Santa. 

“I was amazed at how community comes in all shapes and forms,” the Secret Santa Elf said.

“Today the boxes and boxes of gifts were delivered to all the schools so that they could facilitate getting them to the kids.”

And so was Santa Claus, who saw his workload decrease enought in the Nelson area to guarantee gifts to the remaining two billion children around the world.