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RCMP: Weekly beat - intoxicated assault

An intoxicated 19 year-old man has been charged with assault and breach of a probation order to obstain from alcohol after an incident outside the Grand Forks Arena on Friday, Dec. 23.
The man was seen milling around outside the arena, yelling at passing vehicles during the public skate session that day. Then the 45-year-old victim left the arena and approached the younger man.
The 19 year-old then assaulted the 45-year-old, who defended himself. The Grand Forks RCMP were called to the scene at 4:45 p.m.
The 19 year-old has been formally charged but has yet to go before the court so his name has not been released.
CounterAttack encourages drivers to park their cars
A CounterAttack road check on Monday, Dec. 26 had a huge impact on area celebrators.
Grand Forks RCMP set up a road check on Donaldson Ave. and their presence paid off.
"There were lots of vehicle left behind and the cabs were busy," said Grand Forks RCMP Corporal Richard Lanz.

While no one was caught drinking and driving, the RCMP are pleased their checkstop made such an impression. CounterAttack will continue this week and throughout the new year.