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RCMP: Escaped convict arrested at Christina Lake

Escaped prisoner Dennis Haines was arrested Sunday night when police responded to a call about an unconscious man on the side of the highway in Christina Lake.
Haines, 38, who walked away from a work detail camp near Jasper, Alberta on Sept. 27, was serving a sentence for nine counts of armed robbery in Alberta.
“We received the call in the very early morning hours on Oct. 2 saying that there was an intoxicated male lying on the highway at Christina Lake,” Harrison explained. “Our members attended and identified him as being Dennis Haines.”
As he travelled through B.C. communities Haines may have committed further criminal offences , said Staff Sgt. Jim Harrison of the Grand Forks RCMP detachment, but those are still under investigation.
Harrison said that there was a cross-Canada warrant for his arrest for escaping custody. Haines was arrested and transported to Kelowna on Monday, and will be moved on to Kamloops to await escort back to prison.
“He was arrested completely without incident,” Harrison added.
Hunter rescued
A hunter who went missing from his party 43 kilometers up the North Fork Road was found safe after a RCMP search on Thursday, Sept. 29. The report came into the police at about 3 p.m. and their helicopter from Kelowna initiated a search.
“The RCMP helicopter subsequently located him, loaded him on the helicopter and reunited him with his party,” said Harrison. 

The hunter had become confused and separated from his party, but Harrison said he was in good health when found.