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Letters to the Editor

by Contributor on 17 January 2014 - 5:48pm

To the residents of our area:

As I look outside my window this morning, at the heavy snow weighing down branches and bushes, I can't help but think how the physical trauma of hunger and the psychological burden of not being able to provide for one's family must weigh on the shoulders of Food Bank clients. We live in a land of abundance, yet members of our community don't have the...

by Contributor on 17 December 2013 - 4:26pm

How we come to these moments in local political history…

On the one hand we have a member of our honourable Grand Forks city council declaring in a public forum on the night of Dec. 5th: “If glyphosate shows up in your urine, it is certainly an indication your body is processing it adequately.” Absolutely brilliant on the part of Coun. Gary Smith! Be it said glyphosate is the active...

by Contributor on 25 November 2013 - 1:02pm

Our province has created deep historical, cultural and business ties with countries around the world enabling us to create strong trading partnerships and diversify our markets. Each year B.C. welcomes close to 40,000 new immigrants because we recognize the importance of the wide-range of social and economic benefits associated with multiculturalism.

Today, B.C. is the most ethnically...

by Barry Brandow on 15 November 2013 - 2:20pm

A recent poll in the city of Invermere overwhelmingly supported a deer cull but as expected the much larger question was ignored -- the future of the mule deer.

With the exception of the city of Grand Forks and Vancouver Island the urban deer phenomena is driven by the mule deer which is in serious population decline in our province. The red flag that wildlife managers have refused to...

by Contributor on 14 November 2013 - 12:10pm

Dear Editor,

November 15th is National Philanthropy Day in Canada. While this is a day that is celebrated around the world, Canada is the first to officially recognize it as a national day (this type of thing makes me proud to be Canadian!). This is a time to celebrate and thank those that give beyond themselves. The great thing about philanthropy is that it is giving from our hearts,...

by Barry Brandow on 17 October 2013 - 4:50pm


Last July the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources announced that the province’s wildlife populations are healthy.

The Ministry’s statement is a perfect example of what happens when governments turn their back on transparency and accountability. After all, any attempt at due diligence will quickly reveal that many wildlife...

by Contributor on 7 October 2013 - 12:06pm

Colonial rule raises its ugly head again.

The failure of the US government to continue to operate is yet another example of how screwed up our colonial style governments really are:

While we have democratic elections, we do not have democratic governments.

Our politicians do not want democracy and arrogantly insist on forming one dysfunctional minority...

by Letters to the editor on 6 October 2013 - 1:10pm

Editor, The Nelson Daily

The Interior Health Authority’s decision to reduce Emergency services to Kalso will only result in hardship to the members of that community, and those members who live in outlying communities which are serviced by Kaslo. 

Contrary to The Ministry of Health’s strategic goal #3 which speaks to accessibility of timely, safe, and...

by Barry Brandow on 30 July 2013 - 10:19am

The recent announcement by BC Timber Sales that the perimeter of the Class A Gladstone Provincial Park in the Lynch Creek watershed will be logged is hardly surprising.

Very few politicians and bureaucrats respect our democratic system of governance and repeatedly take advantage of the largest and most important stakeholder group, unfortunately the most impotent “we the people”. This...

by Contributor on 18 July 2013 - 7:31am

Mr. Harper:

I write about your directing our military to revert to the use of British military rank insignias and designations after 45 years of a home-grown Canadian system. I also note that you previously had directed our services to revert to 'Royal' services in name, indicating service under the Queen of England.

My wife and I spent 16 years out of country and...